Planting the Back Yard

The Singh brothers and crew got done removing 15 yards of dirt (mostly roots and dead Bermuda grass) and putting in a fantastic looking paver sitting area, so it’s time for us to amend the soil (8 yards of compost and gypsum), plant the plants and set up the drip lines…

Getting ready to remove the grass

B & I are planning to get rid of the back yard this fall and replace it with drought tolerant landscaping similar to our front yard.  The first step is the challenge of getting rid of the grass… Bermuda grass, the scourge of California.  Hopefully in another few weeks it’s ready to go…

In Honor of the Battle of Puebla

For my first “new recipes” meal, I decided to go for some Latin inspiration. One of B’s favorite dishes is chili verde.  There’s this great Mexican restaurant in town called Maria’s Cantina that does both fabulous carnitas and chili verde. As I already make a pretty mean carnitas, I thought this would be a good … [Read more…]

The Beginning

Welcome to our (B & M’s) new blog space.  As we mention in our About page, this is a joint venture between B  and me (M) and our respective blogs, MolecularKnitting and CocktailswithM.  The idea behind it is that this would broadly be about what we find interesting about life in general (not just knitting … [Read more…]